Kim Wilde

Real Name:Kim Smith

English singer, author and television presenter, born 18 November 1960 in Chiswick, Middlesex, England, UK. She was married to actor Hal Fowler until 2022 and is the mother of Rose Fowler (2) and Harry Fowler (3). She is also the daughter of Marty Wilde and the sister of Ricky Wilde and Roxanne Wilde, and the aunt of Scarlett Wilde.

Please note that numerous Wilde compilations of tracks from Wilde's RAK catalogue (the era of first three albums), have been released with varying titles and artwork, but with identical track list. The most notable masters:
The Best Of ‎/ 20 Classic Tracks / Greatest Hits - The Gold Collection / Kim Wilde / The UltraSelection
Premium Gold Collection ‎/ The Best Of Kim Wilde / The Essential
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In Groups:Ferry Aid, Spirit Of The Forest, The Anti-Heroin Project
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