The Southern Death Cult

Seminal "positive punk" band formed in Bradford, England, in 1981 by Ian Lindsey. They released their first single "Moya/Fatman" in December 1982 and toured with Bauhaus early the next year before splitting up.

Lindsey aka Ian Astbury went on to form Death Cult with Theatre Of Hate's Billy Duffy. Burrows, Jepson, and Quereshi became Getting The Fear (later Into A Circle), while drummer Quereshi formed Fun-Da-Mental in the late 80s and is now known as Aki Nawaz.

Beggars Banquet compiled several sessions and outtakes onto a self-titled album, which was released in 1983 and finally issued in the US almost 15 years later.

The band was very popular within the scene that became known as the Gothic scene - a name that's often attributed to Astbury. He lived around the corner from Andi Sex Gang, who lived in a building called Visigoth Towers. As a joke, Astbury called him the Gothic Goblin (or Count Visigoth, according to some reports) and his followers the Goths. The name not only stuck, but came to be applied on The Southern Death Cult in retrospect.