Chris Eaton

Chris Eaton

Real Name:Christopher Neville Eaton

U.K. singer, songwriter, keyboardist

Since the early 80's Chris Eaton (born 16 September 1958) has been building a profile as one of Britain’s classic songwriters with a unique brand of ‘white soul’ song writing. Has written for Cliff Richard, Donna Summer, Amy Grant etc.

The man with a Vision ….

Chris Eaton was born an grew up in the west midlands of U.K. In the eighties, he was part of a band called Lyrix (they later became Mark Williamson Band). After that he were building up his solocareer an in 1986 he released the album “Vision” on the Reunion label. This album has became one of the best west coast pop albums in the mid 80´s. On this album there is many highlights such as: “Vision (also recorded by Russ Taff)”, “Love For the Common Man” and the classic “It Was Love”.

After this release Chris Eaton set his focus on songwriting, producing, and singing background vocals for many different projects. In 1995 Sparrow Records released his 2nd album “Wonderful World”. This album is more relaxed than the “Vision” release, but you can still hear the strongness of his songwriting, and songs like: “Everlasting Love”, “Breath of Heaven” and “Remember Me” are great highlights from the album.

Just a couple of years later Chris Eaton released the next album. In 1997 the album “Crusin´” was released on the Alliance Music UK label. The same album was released the year after in US, but with another title: “What Kind Of Love” (Cadence Music).

Today Cool Sound in Japan has re-released the “Vision” & “Crusin´” albums.

Chris Eaton is a important part of the Contemporay Christian Music scene, and is still very active with writing songs for other stars. ,
In Groups:Mark Williamson Band, Lyrix
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