cmbstd is a Spanish electronic dance music producer.
19XX-2006 Did not really care about music.
2008-2016 Discovered Dance, Techno, House. Loved it.
2016-2016 Got a PO12, understood rhythm. Quickly escalated to more POs, mixers, Volcas... mostly produced lo-fi dance in an ephemeral way (live only).
2016-2017 Got tired of all HW except the PO12 and sold everything. Regretted every single day. Boarded an Ableton school and learnt how to produced. Total epiphany. Spent time actually learning music theory and synthesis.
2017-2018 Got a Tr8, Volca again, TB3... lots of HW. Really loved jamming in a permanent unfinished state.
2019-now. Got tired of unfinished stuff. Bought very good software and became DAW-centric. Decided that it was about time to release.


Singles & EPs

none cmbstd - ALPHAWAVES album art cmbstd ALPHAWAVES(Single) Not On Label none Spain 2019