Tom MacDonald (11)

Real Name:Thomas MacDonald

Tom MacDonald is an Independent Canadian/American rapper and music producer. He was born September 21, 1988 in Mission, British Columbia and sometime during his childhood, Tom and his family moved to Edmonton, Alberta where he lived until his move to California. He is regarded as being the most controversial rapper of his time, being compared to Eminem by many for the content in his songs that range from depression & addiction to attacking the hot topic issues of modern society such as racism, mumblerappers, Covid Pandemic and even all the people that call America Home.

Shortly after Tom moved to California he hooked up with his friend that he had met while living in Edmonton, Nova Rockafeller, who is also a musical artist/producer. The most impressive aspect of these 2 is that Tom is independent artist doing all his own marketing and Nova producing all his music videos with absolutely no help from any major label.

Noteable Songs: Dear Slim, Blame the Rappers, Cloned Rappers, Politically Incorrect

Most Controversial Songs: Whiteboy, Straight White Male, If I Was Black, White Trash, Coronavirus, People So Stupid, No Lives Matter, Fake Woke, Clown World , Facebook , YouTube , X , Instagram ,
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