Penguin Cafe Quartet

Real Name:
Penguin Café Quartet
Also known as "The 4 musicians in green clothes".
The first edition of what became the Penguin Cafe Orchestra was founded in 1973 and consisted of Helen Liebmann (cello), Gavyn Wright (violin), producer and engineer Steve Nye (electric piano) and Simon Jeffes (electric guitar). In 1974 the quartet recorded its first two pieces "Penguin Café Single" and "The sound of someone you love who's going away and it doesn't matter". Both titles feature on their 1976 debut release Music From The Penguin Café.

Instruments & Performance

obscure no. 7 Penguin Cafe Quartet - Music From The Penguin Café album art The Penguin Café Orchestra* The Penguin Café Orchestra* - Music From The Penguin Café (Album) Obscure (2), Island Records obscure no. 7 Canada 1976 Sell This Version