Стас Намин

Real Name:
Анастас Алексеевич Микоян
Stas Namin (born Anastas Alexeevich Mikoyan) is a Soviet / Russian musician, composer, and record producer; artist and photographer; theatre and film director and producer; entrepreneur, promoter, and businessman.
Born: November 8, 1951, Moscow, USSR.

As founder & leader of the band Цветы which was the first top popular rock-band in the USSR and was called “Russian Beatles”, he gained cult figure status as one of the founders of indigenous Russian rock music. From 1970-2000 Namin initiated many innovative projects which brought dramatic changes to the Russian cultural landscape. He established the Стас Намин Stas Namin Centre (SNC Records/SNC Studio), an independent producing hub which launched the careers of many well-known Russian performing artists, composers, poets, designers, and other creative talents of the new Russia. He initiated, produced and promoted the first music festivals ever held in Russia, including the International Moscow Music Peace Festival at Lenin Stadium in 1989 considered as “Russian Woodstock”, the series of “One World” festivals, historical “Rock from Kremlin”, and others. A pioneer of the Russian independent entertainment industry, he broke the Government monopoly and founded the country’s first private (non-governmental) concert agency, design studio, record label, radio station, television company, symphony orchestra, and musical theater. Additionally, he has directed the largest independent international festivals of Russian culture in his country and abroad.
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