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UAG 30045 The Stranglers Rattus Norvegicus (Album, Single) United Artists Records, United Artists Records UAG 30045 Philippines 1977 Sell This Version
SP-4659 The Stranglers IV* No More Heroes (Album) United Artists Records SP-4659 US 1977 Sell This Version
14C 062-61115 The Stranglers Black And White (Album) United Artists Records, United Artists Records 14C 062-61115 Greece 1978 Sell This Version
UAL 24079 The Stranglers Live (X Cert) (Album, Single) United Artists Records UAL 24079 Italy 1979 Sell This Version
1A 062-82740 The Stranglers The Raven (Album) United Artists Records 1A 062-82740 Netherlands 1979 Sell This Version
LBG 30313, OC 062-83 084 The Stranglers The Gospel According To The Meninblack (Album) Liberty, Liberty LBG 30313, OC 062-83 084 UK 1981 Sell This Version
LBG 30342 The Stranglers La Folie (Album) Liberty LBG 30342 UK 1981 Sell This Version
CN 3977/S The Stranglers In Concert - 276 (Album) BBC Transcription Services CN 3977/S UK 1982 Sell This Version
EPC 40-25237 The Stranglers Feline (Album) Epic EPC 40-25237 UK & Europe 1982 Sell This Version
EPC 26220 The Stranglers Aural Sculpture (Album) Epic EPC 26220 Greece 1984 Sell This Version
CN 4571/S The Stranglers In Concert - 356(LP, Transcription) BBC Transcription Services CN 4571/S UK 1985 Sell This Version
PECT-90745 The Stranglers Dreamtime (Album) Epic, Epic PECT-90745 Canada 1986 Sell This Version
EPC 460259 4 The Stranglers All Live And All Of The Night (Album) Epic EPC 460259 4 Spain 1987 Sell This Version
466483 4 The Stranglers 10 (Album) Epic 466483 4 Spain 1990 Sell This Version
PCCY-00382 The Stranglers = ザ・ストラングラーズ* The Stranglers = ザ・ストラングラーズ* - In The Night (Album) China Records PCCY-00382 Japan 1992 Sell This Version
TCGO 2033 The Stranglers Live At The Hope And Anchor (Album, Comp) EMI, EMI TCGO 2033 UK & Ireland 1992 Sell This Version
ESSLP 194 The Stranglers Saturday Night Sunday Morning (Ally Pally 1.8.1990) (Album) Essential Records /Beaky Records ESSLP 194 UK 1993 Sell This Version
RRCD187 The Stranglers Live: Death And Night And Blood (Album) Receiver Records Limited RRCD187 UK 1994 Sell This Version
302902 The Stranglers The Stranglers And Friends Live In Concert (Album) Receiver Records Limited 302902 UK 1995 Sell This Version
WEN LP 001 The Stranglers About Time (Album) When! Recordings WEN LP 001 UK 1995 Sell This Version
EAGCD006P The Stranglers Friday The Thirteenth (Live At The Royal Albert Hall) (Album) Eagle Records, Eagle Records EAGCD006P UK 1997 Sell This Version
WEN PD 009 The Stranglers Written In Red (Album) When! Recordings WEN PD 009 UK 1997 Sell This Version
RMCD 220 The Stranglers The Stranglers Live In London(CD, Album) Rialto RMCD 220 UK 1997 Sell This Version
EAGCD042, GAS 0000042 EAG The Stranglers Coup De Grace (Album) Eagle Records, Eagle Records EAGCD042, GAS 0000042 EAG UK 1998 Sell This Version
SPV 085-71052 DCD The Stranglers 5 Live 01 (Album) SPV Recordings SPV 085-71052 DCD Germany 2001 Sell This Version

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May 25, 2016
stop masturbating about how punk.. a part they were not pousers, in my opinion they made a song, golden brown, that remains in the top 30 of the best songs ever. Plus, no more heroes, my strangler's favourite song, represents better than anything the feeling of those years


March 10, 2014
Punk was (& should always be) an ATTITUDE not a fashion! Punk was about being original & being different. THE STRANGLERS were unique in their style then, but their sound owes much to THE DOORS, which again shows punks' many styles in which you take your influences & create something new. Punk was never about being pigeonholed into one particular sound & style, of which was lost during the 2nd wave of punk whern all the bands became copies of each other. Listen to the diverse sounds of the SEX PISTOLS, THE CLASH & THE DAMNED, & then compare to ADAM & THE ANTS (pre his stupid pirate era), SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES & WIRE, & then again to THE BUZZCOCKS & THE JAM. All totally different styles, yet all were punk rock.


April 25, 2012
Upon arrival, the Stranglers were perhaps inappropriately corralled into London's boisterous Punk camp. Like many Punk bands, they specialized in offensive, woman-baiting song lyrics and chord-defacing guitar speed, and they were notorious for mercilessly hectoring their fans who appeared to enjoy the abuse. But though they've been around long enough to witness the style's evolution through its Pre- and Post- phases, calling the Stranglers "Punk" dilutes the term's precision. In the band's early days, they sounded more like a faster, harder Dr. Feelgood with tracks like "no more heroes", "peaches", "something better change" "straighten out" than the Sex Pistols. Later they started to sound more "sing-a-long" like Genesis with releases like "strange little girl" & "always the sun." If you compare the bands first LP Rattus Norvegicus (preceding the arrival of the Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks by a number of months), and 1986's flame-retardant Dreamtime there is a world of difference, this for me is the sign of a good band. Id compare their evolution to that of the Clash, from the early "in your face", two fingers to the establishment sound to the more artistic, easy listening sounds as the band matured, ["Golden brown" will forever be a classic]. Having said that,they once played on Top of the Pops with no strings in their guitars, and were forever refusing to answer the press [most notably JJ Brunel in interviews!!]. However,the band have continued in the abscence of singer Hugh Cornwell who thought the band had run out of steam and has pursued a solo career, but like the Jam touring without Weller i cant help thinking this is just like panto, and a band going through the motions, cashing in on past success. Over their quarter century career in music these quasi-Punk dinosaurs seem to be going the way of all dinosaurs by slowly calcifying into fossils.

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