Herbert Lawson


American composer, lyricist and saxophonist.
Known for writing "Anytime" aka "Any Time" aka "Any Time You're Feeling Lonely)", which has been covered over 200 times. It was first copywritten in 1921 and then again in 1948, 1952 (6 arrangements), and again in 1968. He has few other songwriting credits.
The song hit #1 (#17 overall) in the U.S. country charts by Eddy Arnold in 1948, when the copyrights came up for renewal. It charted again later in 1948 by Foy Willing and His Riders of the Purple Sage, this time at #14 country. In 1951, Eddie Fisher charted it to its highest #2 overall; Patsy Cline, 1969, #73 country; and The Osmond Brothers, 1985, #54 country.

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