Fred Tabois


Fred Tabois (born 1961-04-19, died 2019-10-31) was a centipede in the entertainment industry.
Sound engineer who mixes live sets and remasters and masters for cd and vinyl releases of Collectable Vinyl.
He worked with Blue Murder, Claw Boys Claw, New Holland, Rusty Apollo, LUL, Batida, 2 Unlimited, [Invalid Artist], Nasmak (2018) and is involved in a new band/project, The Midi Syndicate/New Instant Composers Syndicate.
He even sang a tune and co-wrote lyrics with [Invalid Artist]
And with the monniker Fred Glühwein he fronted The Basic Tirolers, a gimmick band whom only had a few gigs and just for the fun of it in awful German singing and presenting and distroying good songs.
He worked for VPRO Radio/NOB on live registrations of concerts.
He worked as a soundtechnician for Ampco, Focus and Audio Amsterdam
Next to music a set dresser and/or art-director involving commercials, movies and dance/theatre productions.
Also known as FredHeadset / Fredheadset Centipede Sound Productions

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