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The music of The Airstrip One combines the grandiose, epic, melodic beauty of post rock bands such as Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai, with the hard gut wrenching drive of modern progressive behemoths such as Tool, Muse, Isis and Pelican. But in sharp contrast to many progressive bands, at the heart of the music of The Airstrip One lies a defining sense of melody based on a creative belief that all great bands should have great songs. The Airstrip One provide songs that all music fans can sing along to, whilst simultaneously adhering to no presupposed musical limitations that popular music has restricted itself to.

The band formed in February 2005 in Manchester, meeting at University. Arming themselves with a set of great songs, more effects pedals than your average band can cope with and a strong belief that great meaningful music can change the world, The Airstrip One rehearsed on a regular basis and played gigs in some of Manchester city centre's best live music venues.

In Summer 2006, The Airstrip One recorded demo's of their songs 'Axiom' and 'Enough is Enough' at Manchester's cutting rooms,and the resulting CD was snapped up immediately by fans in Manchester.

In October 2006 Steve Lamacq at BBC RADIO ONE played the demo of 'Axiom' on his show 'In New Music We Trust' as the featured demo of the week, describing the band as ambitious enough in their structure to warrant mainstream radio play. A recording of this show is available to listen to on the bands MySpace fan page (

2007 sees the band back in action on Manchester's live circuit increasing their fanbase with their already growing reputation for incedary live shows, and in April The Airstrip One recorded the songs currently on our two MySpace pages at Manchester's Restrike Studios. On May 22nd the band supported the much lauded New York Experimental Rock band 'Battles' when they headlined ManchesterŐs world famous Academy 3 venue. This was the bands biggest performance so far and stands as testament to both the quality of their music and their popular live performances.

Copyright The Airstrip One (2007) - Leeds, England, United Kingdom , MySpace
Members:Adam O'Grady-Marshall, John Sherwood (2), Kevin McGonnell, Mike Wright (2)
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