Evelyn Murdock

Real Name:
Lucky Evelyn Sassafras
Evelyn is a queer, Southern artist born to American parents on September 28, 1987 in the Federal Republic of Germany. She moved to the US with her family in 1989 and spent the majority of her childhood in the Tennessee Valley. She discovered punk rock in the late 1990s and has played in numerous poorly-documented bands around Alabama, Arkansas, and Seattle, Washington. She is currently guitarist/vocalist for Targëts (1), a queer anarchist punk band based in San Diego. She is pursuing her MFA in Writing at UCSD, where she works closely with former members of classic punk and post-hardcore groups Blatz, The Gr'ups, Cypher In The Snow, and Kukim.

In 2017, Evelyn founded La Jolla Demons Weekly as an experiment with digital media. Now, two years later, she is documenting and releasing previously unheard recordings from remote areas through her label, Worldwide Demons.
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0.1 Evelyn Murdock House of Boxes(File, MP3) Worldwide Demons 0.1 US 2016
001 Piggy Pop* The One Beat(4xFile, MP3) Worldwide Demons 001 US 2016
0.2 Evelyn Murdock, Gidi Loza Evelyn Murdock, Gidi Loza - Stardust 18(File, MP3) Worldwide Demons 0.2 2017
.3 Lucky Evelyn Sassafras* Bwyell(File, MP3) Worldwide Demons .3 US 2018
0.666 Piggy Pop* Tootin' & Trappin(File, MP3) Worldwide Demons 0.666 US 2019
002 Evelyn Sassafras* Voicemail #1(File, MP3) Worldwide Demons 002 US 2019

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