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German producer team consisting of WestBam and Klaus Jankuhn, designated to exclusively create the official anthems for each edition of the Mayday rave events. Thus the project is conceived and entitled to represent the Mayday and its members.

Actually founded and first used in 1993, the previous anthems for the Mayday events were originally released under "Westbam" still, but later on re-assigned.
The very first and appropriately entitled "Mayday Anthem" was created for the second Mayday event in April 1992.

Mayday themes and according anthem titles:

14.12.1991 - Best Of House & Techno '91 - [no official anthem]
30.04.1992 - A New Chapter Of House And Techno - "The Mayday Anthem"
12.12.1992 - Forward Ever Backward Never - "Forward Ever Backward Never"
30.04.1993 - The Judgement Day - "The Judgement Day"
11.12.1993 - The Religion - "Religion"
30.04.1994 - Rave Olympia - "Enter The Arena"
25.11.1994 - The Raving Society - "We Are Different"
30.04.1995 - Reformation - "The Bells Of Reformation"
16.12.1995 - The Great Coalition - "Great"
30.04.1996 - The Day X - "The Day X"
14.12.1996 - Life On Mars - "Live From Mars"

From 1997 to 2009 the events took place once per year each on the 30.04. and had anthems with respectively identical titles.

30.04.2010 - You Make My Day - "Make My Day"
30.04.2011 - Twenty Young - "Ravemobil"
30.04.2012 - Made In Germany - "Perfect Machine"
27.04.2013 - Never Stop Raving - "Never Stop"

Members Of Mayday is discontinued since Westbam declared his departure from the Mayday event in early 2014. , MySpace , Facebook , Wikipedia
Aliases:Cowboy Temple, Earl Kings, Endlos, Fuck The Industry And Motherfuck Radio, Man!, Heavy Mental, Kick Ass Project, Low Spirit, Moabit Bass Mob, No Vocals Necessary Movement, Serial Funk, Spring & Koon, The Love Committee, The WB's, Tilly Lilly, Vox Mystica
Members:Klaus Jankuhn, Maximilian Lenz
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