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Jakob are a post-rock trio comprised of Jeff Boyle (guitar), Maurice Beckett (bass) and Jason Johnston (drums). They were formed in July 1998 in the New Zealand city of Napier, and released their debut self-titled EP in October of the same year. February 2000 saw the release of the 7” single Erfo through Crawlspace Records, and in March 2001, Jakob began the recording of their first full length album, Subsets of Sets, which was released in August of that year. The success of the album lead them to being nominated for Best New Artist at the 2001 B-Net New Zealand Music Awards and Best Album at the following 2002 Awards. In addition to well received national and international tours, and performances at the Big Day Out, Jakob were showcased at 2005's South By South West in the United States. , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , , Facebook , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Jason Johnston, Jeff Boyle, Maurice Beckett




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