Nocturne (2)

Nocturne (2)

Nocturne [industrial, France]
Saphi is the origin of Nocturne and he began its first analog and industrial experiences in 1994. The first concerns were that of global memory and guilt, the notion of choice and free will. In facing a situation we only find an attitude to adopt in order to react to an emergency and to keep us going. Our biological logic is distinguished from the social logic, and our internal opposition goes against what we sometimes really are or would like to be. It’s in the intimacy of reasoning which arise the first conflicts before their possible extensions, that oscillates Nocturne.
He is now joined by Cécile F., they are now two working between rhythmic noise and dark electronics, acoustic instruments and machinery, singing and whispers. The lyrics are chronicles of mood, inner voices finally delivered. Noise among us in the incoherence that drives us crazy.
…We will even destroy our ruins before they destroy us!

Saphi est à l’origine de Nocturne et débute ses premières expériences analogiques et industrieuses en 1994. Ses préoccupations premières furent la notion de choix et de libre arbitre. Face à une situation donnée nous devons trouver une attitude qui puisse nous permettre de tenir. Mais notre logique biologique se distingue de la logique sociale, et notre opposition intérieure va parfois à l’encontre de ce que nous sommes réellement ou souhaiterions être. C’est dans l’intimité du raisonnement où naissent les premiers conflits avant leurs extensions possibles que Nocturne oscille.
Il est rejoint depuis par Cécile F., Ils sont désormais deux à œuvrer entre noise rythmique et électronique sombre, instruments acoustiques et machinerie, chant et chuchotements. Les textes sont des chroniques d’humeur, des états d’âme et des voix intérieures enfin délivrées. Du bruit parmi nous dans l’incohérence qui nous rend fou.
..Nous détruirons même nos ruines avant qu’elles ne nous détruisent!
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Nocturne (2) Discography Tracks


Nocturne (2) Frieden / Krieg (Album) Art Schock France 1995 Sell This Version
SA022 Nocturne (2) Kapitulation(CD) Stateart SA022 Germany 2001 Sell This Version
OECD 040 Nocturne (2) Hymn For Herest I & II(CD) Old Europa Cafe OECD 040 Italy 2002 Sell This Version
Thaglasz X-4 Nocturne (2) Security Of Ignorance (LP, Ltd, Promo, Whi) Thaglasz Thaglasz X-4 Germany 2002 Sell This Version
Nocturne (2) Terroriser-Manipuler-Convaincre Old Europa Cafe Italy 2006 Sell This Version
Nocturne (2) Fleisch Und Metall (Album) Steinklang Industries Austria 2007 Sell This Version
FM13 Nocturne (2) Vers Le Vide(CD, Album, Ltd) FinalMuzik FM13 Italy 2009 Sell This Version
OECD 139 Nocturne (2) Working Ecstasy(2xCD, Album) Old Europa Cafe OECD 139 Italy 2010 Sell This Version
03 Nocturne (2) Hypnose Générale(CD, Album, Dlx, Ltd) Art schock 03 France 2017 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

TESCO 035 Nocturne (2) Offensive... De Paix(10", Ltd, Num) Tesco Organisation TESCO 035 Germany 1998 Sell This Version
OEMP 003 Nocturne (2) Kommando Holocaust(10", Ltd, Whi) Old Europa Cafe OEMP 003 Italy 2000 Sell This Version
Nocturne (2) Le Dernier Jour Cold Lands Distribution Russia 2005 Sell This Version


none Nocturne (2) Various(CDr, Comp) Not On Label none France Unknown Sell This Version


02 Nocturne (2) Cendres(CDr, Ltd + CDr, RE) Art Schock 02 France 2000 Sell This Version
Nocturne (2) Perception Du Réel Not On Label (Nocturne (2) Self-released) France 2014
Nocturne (2) Hypnose Générale Not On Label (Nocturne (2) Self-released) France 2014
Nocturne (2) Terroriser Manipuler Convaincre Not On Label (Nocturne (2) Self-released) France 2014
Nocturne (2) Voyage Au Bout de la Race Not On Label (Nocturne (2) Self-released) France 2014
Nocturne (2) Open Your Mind, I Control Not On Label (Nocturne (2) Self-released) France 2015
Nocturne (2) Opération Crocodile Not On Label (Nocturne (2) Self-released) France 2015
Nocturne (2) Made In Asile Not On Label (Nocturne (2) Self-released) France Unknown


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June 13, 2009
Since 1995 Saphi has been behind the project Nocturne. Its first concerns for the music creation and conceptualization have been: Collective memory, guilt, as well as the notion of choice and free will. Those questions and preoccupations have also been raised by the association on Artschock of which Nocturne represents the sonic image.

2003 Has been a decisive year for Nocturne with the construction of Doctor Mabuse, a short story that was written in the twenties by Norbert Jacques and adapted as a movie by Fritz Lang. A musical illustration of this film is set out with a project untitled "Terrorize- Manipulate- Convince", released as an album in 2006 by the label Old Europa Cafe. The reflection goes on and the new way heralds then some works which are to be more peculiar and intimate.

The end of 2005 marks another a great encounter, with Cécile. As a musician with a classical background, she is invited to play, and then to join the project Nocturne. The acoustic dimension (violin-trumpet) brings another kind of profundity to Nocturne. On stage, they form a disconcerting pair, secured in their vocation for Artshock.

A concert by Nocturne is at once made of mystery, schemes, and secret. An impression of underlying hesitation and uncertainty gradually arises. As the music begins the veil lifts progressively, the sonic elements come to form, discretely drawing an atmosphere before the wholeness suddenly appears and reveals a skilful music display. Various emotions travel down the surprised audience. The arpeggios, notes and rhythmic combinations grant strange ways for the compositions. The texts are tempered chronicles, frames of mind and inner ways which are delivered uncompromisingly. Those numerous synths and home-made machines make of those installations a curiosity that contributes to the show.
This is a Total happening experience. Like Mabuse is the man behind the curtain, Saphi is the man behind his machines. He slowly gets off them and the transfer is proceeding before our eyes. He's deeply and personally involved, his attitudes evolve and his expressions change and alter contributing a genuine performance.

Nocturne set casts on the audience a powerful analogic alchemy, putting the audience into what Saphi calls Brutal Disko Music. A concert by Nocturne is a real show. Numerous performances in France and abroad has been considered in this regard.

The project Nocturne is currently developed at the Atelier de Création Expérimentale.

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