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Please note that the vast majority of this entity's appearances on releases are as Company/Label credits for Dubplates & Mastering, with an Artist credit for one of the engineers listed below. Please ensure you are only using this artist to credit Dubplates & Mastering where further information on the engineer themselves is not available and a specific artist credit is being used, such as 'Mastered By' instead of 'Mastered At'.

German mastering & cutting facility based in Berlin, founded by Basic Channel in 1995 and run by Christoph Grote-Beverborg.

Also credited (in vinyl etchings or credits) as:
- D&M
- D+M
- D+M Berlin
- DAm
- Dubplates
- Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

Current and past mastering and cutting engineers:
Christoph Grote-Beverborg (CGB) (1996–present)
Rashad Becker (1997–present)
Stefan Betke aka Pole (1996–2000)
Helmut Erler aka (2003–present)
Michelle Grinser (2014–present)
Andy Mellwig (1995–1998)
Robert Henke (1996–1998)
Moritz von Oswald (1995–2008)
Andreas Lubich aka Loop-o (1999–2012)
Frederic Stader (FST) (2001–2011)
Youri Balcers (2001)
Kassian Troyer (2018–present)
Anne Taegert (2019-present) , Facebook
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