Lionel Marchetti

Real Name:Lionel Marchetti

Lionel Marchetti (September 17, 1967, Lyon, France) is an electroacoustic music composer, a sound and visual artist.

Marchetti discovered electroacoustic music with composer Xavier Garcia at Groupe de musiques vivantes de Lyon (GMVL). From 1989 to 2002, he taught the recording of sound and music composition during workshops hosted by "Université de Lyon 2".

Since then, Marchetti has composed at Studios INA-GRM, Studios GMVL, La Muse En Circuit, COREAM (Fontaine, Isère), Collectif & Cie (Annecy), and Studio Césaré (Reims).
His collaboration with long-time partner Olivier Capparos lead him to compose "Hörspiel" for France Culture's "Atelier de création radiophonique".

Lionel Marchetti extensively performed as an improviser using microphones, loudspeakers and electronics, especially with fellow composer Jérôme Noetinger, who also published his first book.

As an author, Marchetti advocated Pierre Schaeffer's "Musique concrète" and the so-called "art of the loudspeaker" through essays mostly regarding Michel Chion musical aesthetics.

More recently, Marchetti exhibited visual and sound installations at various international venues.

Sites:Wikipedia , Bandcamp
Aliases:Roger De La Frayssenet
In Groups:Archipel, quintetAvant, Simul/T, Soixante Étages
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