Beyond the Ghost

Beyond the Ghost

Real Name:Pierre Laplace

Dark ambient project from Lille, France.

Beyond The Ghost is the dark ambient project of French musician Pierre Laplace. Laplace was the leader of experimental rock band Vera Clouzot for 10 years, he then self-released 2 acoustic solo albums as Kenyon, and he is currently half of atmospheric folk duo The Sandman’s Orchestra, for whom he has written and produced 3 albums of original songs, as well as a reinterpretation of Kate Bush’s conceptual B-side, The Ninth Wave.

In all 3 musical projects, although they were song-oriented, Laplace experimented a lot with textures and atmospheres, so that the transition to dark ambient music was natural.

With Beyond The Ghost, Laplace has honed a sound that’s dreamy and atmospheric, but with some sense of tension and drama too. Beyond The Ghost uses a mix of soft and hardware synths, live instruments (guitar, piano, percussion …) and field recordings.

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Aliases:Kenyon (4), Pierre Laplace


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