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Real Name:Charles F. Craig

American country music singer/songwriter and guitarist. Was married to Betty Craig. Born: September 30, 1938 Watts Mill. SC, US. Died: July 1, 2011 Nashville, TN.
He wrote for Cedarwood Publishing early in his career. He had 5 top 10 songs on the country charts, including "She's Single Again" by Janie Fricke, which he co-wrote with Peter McCann, which hit #2 in 1985, "Wanted" by Alan Jackson, which hit #3 in 1970, "Let's Get Over Them Together" by Becky Hobbs, which he co-wrote with Keith Stegall, which hit #10 in 1983, and the same song by Moe Bandy & Becky Hobbs, which also hit #10 in 1983, and "Following the Feeling" by Moe Bandy & Judy Bailey, which hit #10 in 1980. He had 23 others that entered the U.S. country charts and/or the U.S. pop charts over the years. He released CDs "Old Memories and Me" in 2003 and "The Hitmaker" in 2009. His autobiography "Old Memories and Me" was published in 2009.
BMI IPI #: 41276207. Has over 600 works under BMI.

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