N-Joi tranzyd

September 9, 2018
I wish a cd compilation unmixed of course of their early work would come out

N-Joi Ed_Jenkins

September 13, 2017
Respect! Very proud to have worked with Nigel Champion when I was at Nukleuz Records and he was putting out house music as 'Champion Burns' - totally down to earth guy... proper legend

N-Joi aidiothir

June 2, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
N-Joi were the pioneers of 1991 Techno sound, their music was almost parallel to Belgian 91'ish Techno music, even though they were from UK, with tracks like Malfunction, Adrenalin, Mindflux, The Kraken, Phoenix, Manic. I cannot think other artist from UK that capture so much the european 1991 techno sound like N-Joi with bleeps, bass, breaks, stabs and 4/4 rhythm alltogether to a result of hands in the air energetic hard techno rave music. Sadly they never released some of the tracks of ''Live In Manchester parts1&2'' properly into singles, or maybe some other of their demo tracks of that period that we will never hear. I wish they had done more techno music and releases during 1990-1992, than they did. That would have been cool. One of my legends ever.

N-Joi as reviewed by Braindead

June 16, 2014
In my opinion N-Joi were the best band of this era, even today their music sounds different, but not dated. They are certainly the only band I regret not seeing when I had the chance.

It's a shame they will probably be know to most people for Anthem, which is not one of their best tracks IMO. From a time when underground music was pushing boundaries, their music was consistently different and well produced. They were able to fuse breakbeat, sub-bass, beeps, acid lines, rave stabs, odd lead sounds, and looped samples all under pinned by a solid 4 to the floor 909 kick drum. They were innovators, and sadly never achieved the highs they were capable of.

N-Joi Fozzielad

March 7, 2015
Agree 100%. I was always annoyed that Anthem became their flagship song when their real talent lay with their non-housepiano style songs.

N-Joi as reviewed by

September 21, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
N-Joi what an amazing pioneering band easily up there with the Prodigy , Shades of Rhythm , Chemical brothers and the like. Lot's of stand out tracks from these guys as well that are still being played to this day. Anthem probably being the main one for the oldskool hands in the Air Piano line. Even their house, darker techno and acid stuff is pure class and has some awesome 303 action, tracks like Papillon and Drumstick EP really take you on an epic journey. Shame there isn't more music made like this anymore. Join us on our other page if your into this sort of music and era @