Circulation RealizeDJ

April 4, 2021
such beautiful and timeless music was made by this duo. their works sound so unfamiliar yet nostalgic at the same time. would be interested to hear what they'd be making nowadays :[

Circulation Keithbean_tekradio

November 1, 2016
Hi can someone please tell me which ''circulation/ resolve'' track this is..ive been told its definitely on this label please listen thank you

Circulation nikos7711

January 14, 2021
It's the track "Whale Island" from Judicial Weight - Wire EP :)

Circulation edwindeckerofficial

May 13, 2016
I've been told they've sold all of their records and (at least) one of 'em began working as a constructionworker. Shame they quit, I really liked their music..

Circulation chris.r.jernigan

November 12, 2016
Damn what the hell happened? Too much pill munching? The jaw can only take so much gurning i guess. Who needs teeth though really? House music 4 life

Circulation toloupe

December 3, 2015
did circulation do a version of the stranglers 'golden brown' or was it someone else within the late 90s tech house scene?

Circulation Dub-Terrorist

March 4, 2020

There is a circulation rework of stranglers golden brown which is the limited #5 release. Slowed down and dark. Really good.


Circulation S-Dog

May 25, 2016
Yes. Its Limited #5 . . . excellent release .

Circulation djzackattack

November 19, 2015
I wish they'd release a Colours 3. They have a bunch of Colours released on vinyl since the first 2 cd's. Maybe they ran out of crayon's. LOL

Circulation scotchmizzed

August 5, 2015
Have to agree about the Motor Funk track - "This time" which i'm old enough to remember the original Funk De Luxe - This Time.

Not a huge fan of reworks but this is a completely different song whilst still holding onto the Randy Muller - Classic Synth Voice "This Time"..Love it..

The "Abstract Funk Theory" is one of those play all CD's which isn't the same unless you play all.. Absolutely brilliant..

Circulation chris.r.jernigan

November 12, 2016
I dunno how tf i ever missed abstract funk theory. I had colours 1 & 2 on vinyl back in the day. I'm gonna have to give it a listen after i finish listening to their essential mix, which i hily recommend

Circulation beardo2504

March 24, 2014
Agree with Chive!! Proper solid tunes, although some ropey one's were put out. Nonetheless, they were amongst the 1st pioneers of True Tech house with the likes of the early Kompakt Stuff. The compilation "Abstract Funk Theory" Was a blinding Compilation, especially the track by Motorfunk - This time.
Absolute Belter!!

Circulation Jennibomb

September 8, 2011
These guys did some great music together. Does anyone know what happened to either them?

Circulation bolshed

January 13, 2012
edited over 10 years ago
reply to rosco81:
this is not the same artist. it is Joshua. Check this -
I would also like to know what happened with these guys.

Circulation rosco81

December 7, 2011
They started releasing again last year - 1 on P&D France Records (not listed here) and a new one just released on Local Talk Records - Kinda disco infused house with some Roland drums - Not into it much but liked a lot of their old stuff, maybe they're mellowing with age!

Circulation chive

May 28, 2011
the first seven releases through about 1998 are all solid tech house tracks. the release unfortuneately start to head downwards after this time. it is too bad they never got back to where they started. i used to look forward to seeing another color release. it was a little to often but they were good.