Sexy, heavy, sonic!

With their unique brand of alternative rock, fronted by a charismatic singer, two powerful guitars and a tight rhythm section, Slovenian quintet PSYCHO-PATH is a formidable force. Take the coolness of, let's say, Girls Against Boys and some other bands with heavy rock riffs, pack it into a driven guitar-soundwall, that is based on a very tense and quite groovy rhythm section and as the cherry on top: sexy & harsh female vocals. No pretension - eclectic, honest, sweaty and very guitar-laden.

Together since 1993, they have gained a lot of respect, even from such prolific artists as Scott McCloud, Dälek, Josh Homme and many more. Touring all over Europe and with 4 full length albums (with the 5th one coming out in March 2008), this is a band with experience.

In July 2007 PSYCHO-PATHentered the studio with producer Bobby MacIntyre (ex- member of The Twilight Singers, also worked with Bad Brains, Jimmy Girl, Lucinda Williams, Mark Lanegan…) to record their fifth full-length album. Late night sessions, drinking too much whiskey, half-awake percussion recordings, tambourine overdose, metronomes gone amok… The final result? The Ass-Soul Of Psycho-Path. The first album recorded with the new line up and the most varied, eclectic, yet accessible PSYCHO-PATH album to date. Also featuring a special guest on the back vocals, on the epic Bekkognition – Scott Bennett (Brian Wilson’s band, also worked with Flaming Lips, Filter, The Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair, The Twilight Singers…).

Melanija "Melée" Fabčič (Vocals)
Janez Žlebič (Bass)
Matej Šavel (Drums 1993-2005)
Denis Oletič (Guitar 1993-2001)
Jernej Šavel (Guitar)
Štefan "Pipi" Kovač (Sound)
Sašo Benko (Guitar from 2005)
Dominik Bagola (Drums from 2005) , MySpace
Members:Denis Oletič, Janez Žlebič, Jernej Šavel, Matej Šavel, Melanija Fabčič, Sašo Benko
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