Mary Ann Kennedy

Real Name:Mary Ann Kennedy

American singer / songwriter

Not to be confused with U.K. folk singer Mary Ann Kennedy (2)

She signed her first publishing contract in Nashville in 1978. Her first Grammy nominated song, "Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands", written by Mary Ann Kennedy, was released in 1981.
1981 she signed with Almo Irving Music as a songwriter, where she wrote songs as "Safe In The Arms Of Love", "I’ll Still Be Loving You" and she joined Emmylou Harris as her harmony singer.
With Pam Rose she was touring with Sting, who signed them to the Pangaea record label. They wrote and produced 2 CD’s between the years 1990-95, "Hai Ku" and "Walk The Line".
After this period she signed as a writer to EMI music for 3 years and she released her first solo album in 2000, "The Trail Less Traveled". , Facebook , ,
In Groups:Calamity Jane (5), Kennedy Rose
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