Betrayal (3)


Originally, a Christian thrash metal quintet from Van Nuys, California. Formed in 1988, though they disbanded by 1994. Technically, they formed from the ashes of Martyr, also a thrash metal band from Van Nuys, CA. In 1999, member Marcus N. Colon revived the project on his own and released "Leaving Nevermore" that same year. It was a more of an industrial metal album effort with gothic metal influences. In 2001, a nostalgic demo compilation entitled "The Passing Of Time" was released in small numbers. The self-produced comp. had selected demo tracks by both Martyr and Betrayal. A second (solo return) full-length Betrayal album arrived in 2002. It was titled as "In Remembrance Of Me". It was released on the 'Black and White' label, as the other two prior releases. Nothing has been heard from the artist or label since the last album.
Members:Bob McCue (2), Brian Meuse, Chris Ackerman, Jeff Lain, Jeff Mason, Marcus Colon, Matt Maners


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