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Black Dice are an experimental group based in Brooklyn, NY (USA) originally known for their blend of noise music with rock structures which has since given way to more expansive soundscapes and a focus on more electronic instrumentation. Forming in Providence, Rhode Island (USA) in 1997, comprising members Bjorn Copeland (guitar), Hisham Bharoocha (drums) (following a short drumming stint by Lightning Bolt’s Brian Gibson), Sebastian Blanck (bass) and Eric Copeland (vocals). After the band relocated to New York City, Sebastian Blanck left and was replaced by Aaron Warren. Hisham Bharoocha had previously sung for Lightning Bolt and is currently working on other projects, but he left the band, too, and is now working as a solo musician Soft Circle. , MySpace , Wikipedia , Bandcamp
Members:Aaron Warren, Björn Copeland, Eric Copeland (2), Hisham Bharoocha, Sebastian Blanck
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