Barry "Frosty" Smith


Barry "Frosty" Smith (born March 20, 1946, Bellingham, Washington, USA and died April 12, 2017, Austin, Texas, USA) was an American drummer. Smith was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and drummed there in bands throughout the 1960s and 1970s before he moved to Los Angeles, California. He worked as a drummer out of Los Angeles for around 10 years before moving to Austin, Texas. He was a popular drummer with rock and blues bands in Austin.
Smith began using the name “Bartholomew Eugene Smith-Frost’ while playing with Lee Michaels in Los Angeles, eventually shortening it to “Frosty”.

Aliases:Frosty (10)
In Groups:Jimmie Vaughan Trio, Naughty Sweeties, Papa Mali And The Instagators, Rare Earth, Soulhat, Sweathog, The Imperial Golden Crown Harmonizers, The Sunspots, Tex Thomas And The Danglin' Wranglers
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