Nora Bayes

Real Name:
Eleanor Goldberg
Popular American singer, comedienne and actress of the early 20th century.
(October 8, 1880 – March 19, 1928)

Born Eleanor "Dora" Goldberg, with Dora being a pet or nickname, to a Jewish family in Joliet, Illinois, Bayes was performing professionally in vaudeville in Chicago by age 18. She toured from San Francisco, California to New York City and became a star both on the vaudeville circuit and the Broadway stage.

In 1908, she married singer-songwriter Jack Norworth. The two toured together and were credited for collaborating on a number of compositions, including the immensely popular "Shine On, Harvest Moon," which the pair debuted in Florenz Ziegfeld's Follies of 1908.

Bayes made many phonograph records (some with Norworth) for the Victor and Columbia labels. From 1924 through 1928, her accompanist was pianist Louis Alter, who later composed the popular songs "Manhattan Serenade," "Nina Never Knew" and "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?".

Bayes established her own theater, The Nora Bayes Theater, on West 44th Street in New York. She was portrayed by Ann Sheridan in the 1944 musical biopic Shine On, Harvest Moon, which focused on her relationship with Norworth, played by Dennis Morgan (4), and ignored her other husbands.


Nora Bayes Discography Tracks

Singles & EPs

60013 Nora Bayes Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?(Shellac, 10", S/Sided) Victor 60013 US 1910 Sell This Version
45100 Nora Bayes For Dixie And Uncle Sam / Homesickness Blues(Shellac, 10") Victor 45100 US 1916 Sell This Version
45136 Nora Bayes Broken Doll / Please Keep Out Of My Dreams(Shellac, 10") Victor 45136 US 1917 Sell This Version
45130 Nora Bayes (Good Bye And Luck Be With You) Laddie Boy / Over There(Shellac, 10") Victor 45130 US 1917 Sell This Version
45123 Nora Bayes Pull The Cork Out Of Erin / Daniel In The Lion's Den(Shellac, 10") Victor 45123 US 1917 Sell This Version
A2823 Nora Bayes Prohibition Blues / Taxation Blues(Shellac, 10") Columbia A2823 US 1919 Sell This Version
A2678 Nora Bayes My Barney Lies Over The Ocean / Good-Bye France(Shellac, 10") Columbia A2678 US 1919 Sell This Version
A2852 Nora Bayes Snoops, The Lawyer / Oh, How I Laugh When I Think That I Cried Over You(Shellac, 10") Columbia A2852 US 1919 Sell This Version
A2687 Nora Bayes How'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm? / When Yankee Doodle Sails Upon The Good Ship Home, Sweet Home(Shellac, 10") Columbia A2687 US 1919 Sell This Version
A2771 Nora Bayes You Can't Get Lovin' Where There Ain't Any Love / Mammy's Pickaninny Don't You Cry(Shellac, 10") Columbia A2771 US 1919 Sell This Version
A2816 Nora Bayes Freckles / Ev'rybody Calls Me Honey(Shellac, 10") Columbia A2816 US 1920 Sell This Version
A2980 Nora Bayes Sally Green / The Argentines, The Portuguese And The Greeks(Shellac, 10") Columbia A2980 US 1920 Sell This Version
A2997 Nora Bayes You're Just As Beautiful At Sixty As You Were At Sweet Sixteen / The Japanese Sandman(Shellac, 10") Columbia A2997 US 1920 Sell This Version
A2921 Nora Bayes Patches / Without You(Shellac, 10") Columbia A2921 USA & Canada 1920 Sell This Version
A3360 Nora Bayes Why Worry / Just Snap Your Fingers At Care(Shellac, 10") Columbia A3360 US 1921 Sell This Version
A3311 Nora Bayes Singin' The Blues / The Broadway Blues(Shellac, 10") Columbia A3311 US 1921 Sell This Version
A3347 Nora Bayes Love Nights / I Could Have Had You(Shellac, 10") Columbia A3347 US 1921 Sell This Version
A3392 Nora Bayes Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep / Make Believe(Shellac, 10") Columbia A3392 US 1921 Sell This Version
A3711 Nora Bayes Homesick / To-Morrow (I'll Be In My Dixie Home Again)(Shellac, 10") Columbia A3711 US 1922 Sell This Version
A3601 Nora Bayes Kindness / All Over Nothing At All(Shellac, 10") Columbia A3601 US 1922 Sell This Version

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