Egil Monn Iversen

Real Name:Egil Ragnar Monn-Iversen

Egil Monn-Iversen (born 14 April 1928, Oslo, Norway - died 7 July 2017) was a Norwegian pianist, composer, conductor, arranger, musical director, film producer and businessmen. He composed the music for over 100 Norwegian movies and TV series.

He was married to the actress and singer Sølvi Wang from 1951 until her death in 2011. Together with his wife, he founded the vocal group The Monn-Keys, of which she was a member and he was the musical leader. In 1957, the members of The Monn-keys created the group company Egil Monn Iversen A/S which handled music publishing, record manufacture, and owned a number of labels including Triola. He also established a number of film and theatre production companies. Father of Stein Monn-Iversen and brother of violinist Arne Monn-Iversen.

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