American rock band from Athens, Georgia, formed in 1980 by singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills, and drummer Bill Berry.

One of the first alternative rock bands, R.E.M. gained early attention due to Buck's ringing, arpeggiated guitar style and Stipe's unclear vocals. The group signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1988. Their 1994 tour was marred by medical emergencies suffered by three band members. In 1996, R.E.M. re-signed with Warner Bros. for a reported US $80 million, at the time the most expensive recording contract in history. The following year, Bill Berry left the band, while Buck, Mills, and Stipe continued the group as a trio. In 2007, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. R.E.M. disbanded in September 2011, announcing the split on its website. , , Bandcamp , Facebook , Lastfm , MySpace , Who Sampled , Wikipedia , Imdb , YouTube
Aliases:Bingo Hand Job, Hornets Attack Victor Mature
Members:Bertis Downs IV, Bill Berry (2), Jefferson Holt, Michael Stipe, Mike Mills, Peter Buck
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