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The Force Dimension is a Dutch act which started as a trio at the beginning of 1987, with Rene van Dijck (keyboards), Tycho de Groot (vocals & electronics) and Armin Elmensdorp (effects). A demo resulted in a collaboration with the industrial label De Fabriek. During the course of 1988 the band appears on several compilations and evolves more and more towards Electronic Body Music (EBM). After KK Records gets hold of tapes by chance, they get a record deal. For their first album, Luc Van Acker is asked to produce, who wanted to enlarge the audience with a poppier production (his version is also known as "the blue version"). Disappointed by the results, KK's label owner takes the decision to record a second version of the album (aka "the red version"), produced by the band itself and sounding rougher and harder. Further albums and singles follow. After their 10th anniversary in 1997, the band falls apart. In 2011 a reunion was attempted but failed. In 2013 a reunion with a different line-up was more succesful, with René van Dijck joined by Betty Correa (vocals, guitar, percussion). , Bandcamp , Facebook , Soundcloud , Wikipedia
Members:René Van Dijck, Tycho de Groot
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