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Peruvian garage rock / proto punk band from Lince near Lima in Perú, active between 1964 and 1966, in 1969 and from 2010 onward. Los Saicos has come to be considered one of the most original and influential Latin American bands of the 1960s as they did not follow the line of imitating the style of British groups, but sang their own compositions in Spanish.

Erwin Flores, César Castrillón and Pancho Guevara first got together in 1960 in Lince as Los Cometas. César Castrillón brought Rolando Carpio (who played with Frank Privette, leader of Los Los Steivos) and they began to meet at his house to listen to songs. There are many myths about the name Los Saicos, Erwin Flores came up with the proposal that they be called Los Sádicos, but it occurred to them to eliminate the "D" to look like Saicos, referring to the word "psycho" and to Seiko watches, very popular at that time.

In one of their rehearsals, they began to play a song they did just for fun, inspired by American surf rock. Their producer loved the composition and convinced them to record it. This song was titled Demolition and was released in May 1965 on DisPerú with which they released 5 singles. In 1966 they left the label and tried a deal with Iempsa and later with "El Virrey" Industrias Musicales S.A., where they weren't promoted much.

The band then was discovered around 1999 and gained cult fame in the 2000s. They came back together again in 2010 when Erwin Flores, César Castrillón and Pancho Guevara met in Lima and performed Cementerio, Camisa De Fuerza, Ana, El Entierro De Los Gatos and Demolición. The flame resurfaced and more performances have followed.

Original line-up:
Erwin Flores (voice and guitar)
Rolando "El Chino" Carpio (guitar) †
César "Papi" Castrillón (voice and bass)
Francisco "Pancho" Guevara (drums and voice) †

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Members:César Castrillón, Erwin Flores, Pancho Guevara, Rolando Carpio
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