Gerechtigkeits Liga


G.L. was formed in 1981. At that time there were four German artists involved. The centre of operations was moved from Germany to London. Throughout the 1980's and the early 90's, the group was self-sufficient in producing music, films and videos. Multimedia Performances took place throughout central Europe and the USA.
Gerechtigkeits Liga participated in many tape and some vinyl compilations in both Europe, Brazil and the USA.
(Gerechtigkeits Liga "Hypnotischer Existenzialismus" was also released as 12" red vinyl on U.S.A label Thermidor records.G.L`s first 12" was released on their own Zyklus records label in 1984). G.L´s founder member Till Bruggemann is working on new material for future releases. , Facebook , Soundcloud , MySpace , YouTube , Wikipedia
Members:Frank Ströpken, Ragnar, Thomas Furch, Till Brüggemann
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