LFO as reviewed by filipvdd

January 9, 2016
edited over 3 years ago
I sit in the living room watching TV and zapping and looking at mtv party zone and hear the LFO track ... then i rushed myself to the bilboard to purchase the plate :) the atmosphere of the song was mysterious at the end of the cold war !

LFO BomberOne

May 5, 2015
The sleeve is mostly an homage to the English TV serial "UFO" from Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds fame (among his many other great productions), where the SHADO had a logo that inspired the doodle from LFO guy. Hence the LFO-UFO visual pun.

LFO jorma666

October 27, 2014
We will never ever forget the legacy you left behind, Mark. Thanks for all the hours of inspiration. You will be missed.

LFO bicho

October 17, 2014
Thanks Mark Bell, wherever you are. We are blessed, since we were able to be enlightened by your music during this era. Your works are timeless. Love.

LFO scherben

April 18, 2014
edited over 3 years ago
LFO's humanoid figure as seen on 'We Are Back' and 'Frequencies' bears a resemblance to the Falkville 'alien' sighted in 1973. Intentional?

LFO scherben

March 8, 2015
edited over 4 years ago
Thanks for that; I've only just seen your reply :)

LFO paul.hobbs

January 23, 2015
The positioning of the Alien on the LFO logo was intended to look like UFO, see this article: