Caleb Cornibe

Real Name:
Caleb Joshua Cornibe
Caleb Cornibe, is a singer/songwriter mixtape artist based out of Austin, Texas. His most famous works are 'Yearbooks', released in 2018, and the ever popular 'Belac' album, released in 2019. Caleb started his career as a home demo mixtape project with the release of 2013's, 'Bedhead' and 'Bedhead 2.0.' Since the initial release of Belac, Caleb has grown to have a small cult audience of fans for his music, as well as the mildly popular series of plush videos on his YouTube channel, 'Josh Ebinrock.'



EBINROCKINFINITY23 Caleb Cornibe - Belac album art Caleb Cornibe Belac(Cass, Album, Ltd, MP, Mixtape, Num, Promo, TP, C52) Ebinrock Infinity Records EBINROCKINFINITY23 US 2019 Sell This Version
EBI-23 Caleb Cornibe - Belac album art Caleb Cornibe Belac(File, MP3, Album, Mixtape, 320) Ebinrock Infinity Records EBI-23 US 2019