Emil Beaulieau

Real Name:Ron Lessard

Emil Beaulieau is the nom de plume of Ron Lessard.

His label's cassettes, purchased via his Xeroxed record lists throughout the 80's, turned many people on to underground sounds. As myth has it, Lessard brought Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) to play at his Lowell record store in the early 80's. As people wandered in, records were playing everywhere, some systems had what appeared to be bubble gum for needles, others seemed to have rusty nails. For whatever reason, that story has stuck with him for a long time.

He currently keeps in print the United Dairies label (Nurse With Wound catalog, etc.) and puts out collectable records, from Merzbow, compilations, F/i / Boy Dirt Car boxes, and the infamous lock groove collections. He also runs a music store in Lowell, MA. His solo performance vehicle is confrontational performance art, inspired by the likes of Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley. , MySpace
Aliases:Ron Lessard, RRRecords
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