Real Name:Santiago Gonzalo Dopico

Alias of Spanish artist Santiago Gonzalo Dopico, also visual artist and producer, born in Jerez but based in Sevilla. Started in music in a punk group "Gipsy Aliens".

His career grows rapidly since he put into circulation his first single, 'Galgo', which had the collaboration of Pablo Peña (Pony Bravo, Fiera). Subsequently, Bronquio has continued editing singles such as 'Niño', 'Tu Portal' (with Esteban and Manuel) or 'Bodega Ultra', 'Eres Chill' and 'Bochorno', terna with the voice of his childhood friend, the gaditana 41V1L His audiovisual skills (Santiago signs the video clips that accompany his singles, he work in "Self Meid" collective) have allowed him to sign clips for Ortiga, Quentin Gas or Kiko Veneno, whose acclaimed elepé 'Sombrero roto' was produced by Santiago himself. Bronquio is part of Jägermusic's roster and has already stepped on stages of festivals such as MonkeyWeek, La Melona Fest, Festunizer, Nocturama, Primavera Trumpet, Canela Party, O Marisquiño, Tomavistas, Vida Festival, Low, Cara B or Monkey Weekend among others, in addition to Join the Artists on Route circuit, the Excenario program (AECID) and the list of artists from the Marvin Festival in Mexico City in a first live jump to Latin America with an additional stop in Medellin and Bogotá. In the single 'Contigo, Contigo, Contigo' he has collaborated with Carlangas, from Novedades Carminha. He has also remixed Rocío Márquez ('Empezaron Los Cuarenta') and Camellos ('Vaya A La Cárcel ') and produced Natalia Lacunza ('Algo Duele Más'). , , YouTube , YouTube , Facebook , Instagram
Aliases:Santiago Gonzalo Dopico


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