Peggy Seeger

Real Name:Margaret "Peggy" Seeger

Peggy Seeger (born June 17, 1935, New York City) is an American folksinger. She is also well known in Britain, where she lived for more than 30 years with her husband, songwriter Ewan MacColl.
Seeger's father was Charles Seeger (1886–1979), an important folklorist and musicologist; her mother was Seeger's second wife, Ruth Crawford Seeger, née Ruth Porter Crawford (1901–1953), a modernist composer who was one of the first women to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship. One of her brothers is Mike Seeger and the well-known Pete Seeger is her half-brother.
Founder member of the Banner Theatre. , Bandcamp , Wikipedia , Imdb
In Groups:Banner Theatre, Peggy Seeger & Ewan Maccoll, Peggy Seeger Group, The Critics Group, The Ramblers (2), The Seeger Family, The Seeger Sisters
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