Señor Coconut

Real Name:Uwe Schmidt

Led by Uwe Schmidt (a.k.a. Atom Heart), and inspired by his move from Germany to Santiago, Chile, the Señor Coconut project revisits classics of the 70s and 80s, reinterpreting them with a Latin flair.
- Señor Coconut alone is Uwe Schmidt
- Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto is also Uwe Schmidt. "Y Su Conjunto" means "And His Band" in Spanish, but in fact, the "band" consists of an Akai MPC3000 and S6000!
- On later releases, as Señor Coconut And His Orchestra, Uwe actually brings in a real band playing acoustic instruments. , MySpace
Aliases:21 Brothers, Almost Digital, Atom Heart, Atomizer™, Atom™, Atomu Shinzo, BASS, Brown, Bund Deutscher Programmierer, Cœur Atomique, D'Ammond, DJ Marco Favati, DJ Roxy (2), Don Atom, DOS Tracks, Dots, Dr. Mueller, Dropshadow Disease, Erik Satin, Flextone
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