The County Medical Examiners

The County Medical Examiners (also known as TCME) are an American goregrind and death metal band who, in their own words, exist for the sole purpose of recreating the sound of early Carcass albums. The band is also known to do no live shows at all. The band's original line up consisted of Dr. Morton Fairbanks on guitar/vocals, Dr. Jack Putnam on drums/vocals, and Michelle Hayes on bass/vocals. Michelle Hayes was, according to Dr. Fairbanks in an old interview on, first exposed to the band when, as part of her probation due to a DUI charge, she toured the morgue where Dr. Fairbanks worked. Soon after they got together and recorded the EP Fetid Putrescent Whiffs, which saw limited release. The band recorded their debut full-length for Razorback Records, Forensic Fugues and Medicolegal Medleys. Not long after the albums release Michelle left the band to devote her time to medical school, and she was replaced by friend and colleague Dr. Guy Radcliffe, who is reportedly around 60 years of age. The current line-up went on to record a split LP, an EP, and a second full-length album, Olidous Operettas.

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