Nine-piece soul funk band
Formed in Dayton, Ohio, U.S. from the combination of members of two groups - The Montereys and The Nomads. Originally named Ohio Lakeside Express. They met Frank Wilson just before he'd quit Motown and they were signed at ABC Records and they released their debut in 1977 produced by Frank Wilson. In 1978 their manager and friend Dick Griffey founded Solar and signed the group. Norman Whitfield as well had made them an offer for Whitfield Records but Lakeside turned it down. They contributed instead to Willie Hutch' "In Tune" released in Whitfield's label. They also contributed in "Danceland" (from Carrie Lucas' third album in 1979) and produced 7th Wonder's "Stop Before You Break My Heart" (from their third and last album). They would release nine albums at Solar between 1978 - 1990. Their main line up (after several changes) were Otis Stokes (guitar, vocals), Thomas Shelby (lead vocals), Mark Adam Wood, Jr. (lead vocals, keyboards), Stephen Shockley (guitar), Fred Alexander Jr. (drums), Tiemeyer McCain (lead vocals), Marvin Craig (bass), Fred Lewis (2) (percussion), Norman Beavers (keyboards). They became famous for their flamboyant theatrical costumes on their album covers and for the rich, heavy, uplifting funk soul sound. Their biggest legacy remains their 1980 single "Fantastic Voyage" (No.1 in the r'n'b charts, the closest they came to a crossover success - No.55 in the U.S. pop chart) that was included in the soundtrack of 1992's "South Central" and Coolio covered -among other rappers- in 1994. Other big hits are "It's All The Way Live" (No.4 in 1977, R'n'B charts), their cover on The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" (1981, No.5, R'n'B charts), "Raid" (1983, No.8 R'n'B charts) and "Outrageous" (1984, No.7 R'n'B charts).

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Members:Barrington Henderson, Fred Alexander Jr., Fred Lewis (2), Mark Adam Wood, Jr., Marvin Craig, Norman Beavers, Otis Stokes, Stephen Shockley, Thomas Shelby, Tiemeyer McCain, William Shelby
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