Svetlana Slavković

Real Name:Svetlana Ceca Slavkovic

Svetlana Ceca Slavkovic (Светлана Цеца Славковић) is a serbian singer/songwriter/composer whose music can be described as mixture of ethno and pop melodies.

Music Biography:

Often described in the media as a little woman with a great voice, she is one of the most awarded pop artists of her generation. Although born in Novi Sad, she owes the beginnings of her career to Belgrade jazz scene and the cooperation with the most eminent jazz bands such as “Lazar Tosic Quintet” “RTS Big Band”,”Jovan Maljokovic Balkan Salsa Band”,”YU Public Convention Band” when she also has her first television appearances and concerts. The most beautiful and inspiring moments in the “Misija” band, led by her great friend Sasa Vasic, are yet to follow. Parallel to her engagements in bands, Ceca begins her cooperation with the best composers of pop music among which are Rade Radivojević,Srdjan Cukovic, Sasa Tamindzic, Vladimir Grajic, Zeljko Joksimovic. As a solo artist she wins the first place on couple of local music festivals: double laureate of “Slager-Menadzer” fastival and she was a triple winner of “Beogradsko Prolece”.

Soon after she begins her crusade on international festivals, also characterized in media as “the golden harvest of a little Slavic diva”. Epilogue: Grand Prix “Slavianki Bazaar”, first prize in “Voice of Asia” festival, triple Grand Prix “Euro Fest”, Grand Prix of ”Sunflower” festival and the first prize given by audience, laureate for “Makfest” festival, ”OGAE Germany”, “World Oriental Music Fest” i “850 years Moscow”. She herself emphasizes that “Slavianski Bazaar” and “VoA” wins are particularly dear to her because of the fact that they enabled the recording of her first album called “Tajna” (The Secret). Zeljko Joksimovic, the producer gave his best to enrich this first project with delicate and well balanced ethno music elements, and the lyrics and the interpretation itself have the characteristics of archaic and sometimes fairylike atmosphere. The second album “Pola/pola” (Half/Half) continues with ethno elements from the previous one while the sound itself is being enriched with fresh and innovative arrangement and production of the popular tandem Aleksandar Kobac/Marko Kon. “Pola/pola” portrays the dual nature of existence and it is divided into 8 ballads and 8 songs with faster rhythm.

Both albums, exclusive editions of “City Records” production, brought an array of awards to this artist which resulted in her being elected the best singer of the year in prestigious local manifestations two years in a row. Some of the awards were: “Oscar of Popularity”, “Golden Melos” and “Melco” and there were also awards such as: a female artist of the year - ”YU Internet Awards”, hit of the year - “Radio S”, hit of the year - “Popularity pearl”, ethno album of the year “Pink Awards” and many other. A special place in her collection is reserved for two of her favorite prizes: “Humane person of the year”, given for the numerous participations in humanitarian concerts and “Best friend of Kazakhstan” award given by journalists and reporters of that country.

She considers her greatest achievement great friendships with her colleagues and some other people from the audience in the country and worldwide. Ceca is not one of the people who claim that they never had any role models, on the contrary, her lodestars were and still are – the divine Kaliopi and the unsurpassed Louis. Today Svetlana Ceca Slavkovic is an artist, composer, lyricist and a producer. Lives and work in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

They said about Ceca:
"A petite girlie with a voice of a mermaid with great talent for singing and the depth of interpretation." - Vecernje Novosti

"Exceptional voice quality makes Svetlana Ceca Slavkovic one of the few in our music industry. ” - Zoran Markovic, journalist

"With her magnificent interpretation Ceca proved herself to be one of the rare people on the scene ready to devote herself to every song, every note or applause." - Ekspres Politika

"A breathtaking voice, pure, exact and emotional interpretation, verses full of wisdom and the music far from ordinary and yet so beautiful and catchy ." - Snezana Miletic, journalist

Other information:
Svetlana was born in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1973. She studied Japanese language and culture at the universit of Novi Sad and had decided to leave her studies in order to embark on a singing career. In 1994, Svetlana receied her first award at Belgrade’s ‘Šlager Menadžer’ festival. Soon, she won another award in Belgrade and decided to participate in international festivals. She received considerable success in Montenegro, Macedonia, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. Her debut album “Tajna” (Secret) was released in 1998 and was one of the best selling albums of the year.
In 2001, her second album “Pola/Pola” (Half/Half) was released and equally received great acclaim, also becoming one of the best selling albums of the year. Svetlana has worked with numerous respectable artist from the region, including Željko Joksimović, Dado Topić, Osvajači and Maja Nikolić.

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In Groups:Misija, Sedam Veličanstvenih
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