Sérgio Walgood

Real Name:Sérgio Walgood

Dub / Downtempo / Tribal / Ambient / Goa Trance / Psy-trance artist from Lisbon, Portugal

Sérgio Walgood is a musician / producer. His name is recognized in the context of Chillout music worldwide. Besides being a musician and producer in the band OCO, he also has Random Mode, Angular Momentum, Wireless Brains and Fluorest projects. He coordinates the Chillout stage of Zna Gathering and is one of the organizers of "Moon Dance" in Portugal. In parallel with this solo project, I also participate in Angular Momentum (Experimental Ambient), OCO (World Music/Fusion), Random Mode (Psychedelic Trance), Fluorest (Psychedelic Trance) and Wireless Brains (Downtempo). , Facebook , Bandcamp
Aliases:Alban Hall, Angular Momentum, Fluorest
In Groups:Oco, Omiq Project, Random Mode
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