Real Name:Petar Topalović, Saša Predojević, Milan Aćimović, Đurica Štula, Damir Turkanović

As Sopot in OldSlavic language means a well.

Balkan Peninsula with its natural treasures, and by mixing up various cultures and nations has been serving to many of the Balkan and world authors like inexhaustible source of inspiration for artwork through music, theatre, film, poetry and prose.. Unfortunately, through the history Balkan Peninsula was over weighted with great number of wars, which extensively aggrieved nations and people who live here and are similar in many ways.

Sopot is reflected as author's musical project of Petar Topalovic. In cooperation with local and foreign musical artists Petar will create a fusion of Balkan's art with modern technology through musical content. The author of project „Sopot" created his own style and original approach to music and life in Balkan Peninsula, acquired it by playing music and participating in various musical projects.
Through the linguistic lyric and usage of ethno motifs of Balkan and samples of folk instruments, musical project „Sopot" is going to ask the question „How is it possible that people who live in Balkan are so similar to each other, and at the same time so remote from each other?", and offer concrete answers through the messages of peace, self-realization, respect of each other, development of ecological awareness, respect of all other living creatures on the planet Earth.

The album „dUBaLKAN" was recorded and produced in studio Jarring Effects in Lyon, France (same studio where High Tone, Le Peuple De L'Herbe, etc. recorded theirs) in April 2006. In its creation were involved local as well as foreign musicians such as L'Oeuf Raide, Uzul Prod, R-ZATZ, Niko Matagrin, which gives to album a dose of multiculturalism. The album was officially released on 15th of February 2007 by publishing house Menadzer Company from Banja Luka, RS, B&H (

Having learnt the ropes in rock'n'roll and alternative bands such as Ikamna, Jubbooko sa Negrass, Revolt and Slavenski, the author has gathered team of excellent musicians and started off „dUBaLKAN Tour 2007".

Sopot has played on many festivals and concert halls across the Balkans and Europe and share stage with artists like : Kultur Shock(USA), Visionary undergrunde(UK), Dr.DAS(UK), HORNSMAN COYOTE(SRB), Princ Alla(Jamaica), UK SUBS(UK), WATCHA CLAN(FR), Filastine(USA), Terracota(Portugal), HIGH TONE(FR) and many other on festivals like: RIDDIM COLLISION - LYON(FR), ReggaeriversplashSOCA-Tolmin(SLO), EXIT festival Novi Sad(SRB), FILM Festivals in Belgrade(SRB), Zagreb(CRO), Mostar(BiH), Seasplash - Pula(CRO) and other.

Also Sopot was involved in composing music for the National Theatre RS from Banja Luka for play called "Balloone of Stone" performed by big number of actors from National theatre.

Members of Sopot are:
1.Petar Topalović: Main Vocal,Sampler and Effects
2.Saša Predojević: Drums
3.Milan Aćimović: Keyboards, back vocal
4.Đurica Štula: Guitar
5.Damir Turkanović : Technician

Members:Đurica Štula, Milan Aćimović, Petar Topalović, Saša Predojević


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