Hugh Padgham

Real Name:Hugh Charles Padgham

Producer and engineer from London. He started as tape-operator at Advision Studios. From there he went to Landsowne Studios and became head engineer. In 1978, he started at the Townhouse as a producer and engineer. Over the following years he would also record regularly at The Manor, another of Richard Branson's studios. He has won four Grammy Awards, for Producer of the Year and Album of the Year for 1985, Record of the Year for 1990, and Engineer of the Year for 1993. A 1992 poll in Mix magazine voted him one of the world's Top Ten Most Influential Producers. Padgham's co-productions include hits by Phil Collins, XTC, Genesis, The Human League, Sting, and The Police.
He became known with his "gated reverb drum" by adding a large amount of reverberation by pioneering it (with XTC, Peter Gabriel and producer Steve Lillywhite) used most famously on the Phil Collins hit "In the Air Tonight".

Born: 15th February 1955, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England.

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