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Back in the eighties the prog rock band Atlantis played extensively on the club scenes in Denmark and even appeared on the major festivals like Roskilde Festival, Midtfyn Festival and more. Quite some years later keyboardist Flemming K. Pedersen, guitarist Kent B. Eskildsen and bass player Søren Foged from the band Atlantis got together again and formed a new band called Fall of Episteme or FOE. Episteme is a notion developed by Plato and his pupil Aristotle. So with the ring closed as well in contemporary progressive rock as in ancient Greek philosophy Fall of Episteme is ready to take the stage.

The three inhabitants from Atlantis teamed up with singer Rune M. Nielsen and drummer Rune R. B. Eskildsen. After some time Søren left the band and Jan Juel joined as bass player.
Fall of Episteme draws the inspiration from many places, but a major influence has been the classic and varied prog rock sound and compositions made by famous bands since the late sixties and seventies as well as more recent bands of present day. Famous bands like Saga, Pink Floyd, Camel, Jethro Tull and Tangerine Dream, as well as more recent acts like Ayreon, Dream Theater and Marillion.

The line-up today is:

Rune Møller Nielsen: Vocals
Flemming Kragh Pedersen: Keyboards & vocals
Rune B. Eskildsen: Drums
Jan Juel: Bas & vocals
Kent B. Eskildsen: Guitars & vocals

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