D'Marc Cantu

Real Name:Nicolas D'Marc Cantu

Producer from the US.

D’Marc Cantu started working on Acid house and Jakbeat in late 2000. Using both modern editing techniques and classic drum machines/synths he was able to recreate the sound that he loved. After creating an array of Acid house tracks he got the attention of such DJ’s as Traxx and JTC he started to build a large catalog of music. In 2005 D’Marc and JTC created 2AMFM producing such tracks as Acid Planes and Sweatbox on Ghostly International’s sub label Spectral. D’Marc Later teamed up the Traxx and JTC to create the group X2 and toured Europe with the two legendary DJ’s. He’s best known for his work with labels such as Nation, Crème, MOS, Run-Out-Run and Sequencias. After nearly 15 years of producing he continues to push Jakbeat to new levels and in the process refine his unique sound. , Facebook , Soundcloud , Bandcamp , Lastfm
Aliases:Brickwall Giant, Rival (10)
In Groups:2 AM/FM, AlteredForm, Cotton Hornets, X2
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