Cappella as reviewed by kixfm6

June 13, 2019
edited 12 days ago
Cappella have released some awesome and energetic tracks over their career. Even though this group just started out as one of Gianfranco Bortolotti's countless projects, it became one of his most successful and well known alongside Club House, Anticappella and Mars Plastic, just to name a few. Though I do like their more popular tracks such as U Got 2 Know and U Got 2 Let The Music, for me Move It Up and Move On Baby are their best tracks and probably their most original, in the sense that they weren't sampling or ripping off a melody or acappella from another track as seen in a lot of their productions. Though their image was portrayed by lip-syncers and uncredited vocalists like a lot of others eurodance groups and artists of the time, I think they're possibly the best example out of all of them!

Cappella as reviewed by VovaDatsenko

November 3, 2018
please somebody stop zyx records! how they got tired of their releases with errors in track lists, versions of songs, ugly album covers and poor-quality sound. zyx, hands off Media Records

Cappella Joker1980

February 2, 2019
I can ONLY agree with you!!!
I hate these poor and loveless ZYX compilations, full of unknown versions, without booklets and victims of the loudness war.

Cappella as reviewed by giannisvlachos1990

July 27, 2018
edited 10 months ago
Cappella, Corona, Black Box and ICE MC are probably few of the Italian acts from the 90's "Eurodance" music genre. And even though I'm not a fan or anything at all, they made some nice songs and COOL popularity ONLY with their music videos.

Cappella artyom.kgeorge

December 16, 2015
There were lot of lies about the vocalists of their singles. I know the fact: Move On Baby was sung by Katherine Ellis - she revealed it via facebook to me.

Cappella mario_fargetta

July 9, 2017

It's Eileina Dennis on vocals. :). Its obvious. Hear her other songs :). BS Project, and some other Media projects. Also Cindy - Crazy For You.

Cappella flaghippo

January 5, 2016
It was quite clearly Eileina Dennis. Only have to listen to her singing on other records to spot that.

Cappella totalDJ

October 21, 2012
My favorite dance act from '90 years. 1st class dancefloor.

Cappella as reviewed by ItaliaPrincessa

January 8, 2008
Cappella, I think, was one of the most genious creations in the dance music industry. I love them so much. Their music is so devine. I recived their greastest hits album for christmas and I am, without a single doubt, hooked on it. I just cannot under any circumstances, stop listening to those sublime, feelgood beats that they have created. I really admire mr. Gianfranco Bortolotti for giving us this extremely talented group. Dance music is not the same anymore without people like Cappella around. I really enjoy their sassy, carefree collection of feelgood music. bring back the Italo sounds of the 1990s.. Dance music nowadays is so plain and boring. I really do have an awful lot of hate for it. If only come back into fashion.Therte are no other bands on earth remotely like Cappella. I really do admire them.

Cappella as reviewed by jaxxalude

November 26, 2003
Cappella was one of the most successful euro-dance projects of the first half of the 90's, when the formula female singer/rapping MC was at its peak. I myself confess my absolute delight when listening to such guilty pleasures as "U Got 2 Know", "U Got 2 Let The Music", "Move On Baby" and "U & Me". But after that first lineup went bust, I lost my interest, maybe because I just got older. But they are, indeed, a part of my early teenage years. :)

Cappella djlivus

May 13, 2010
I really agree with you. Cappella was thee best eurodance and techno group ever!
I'm looking for long time for a mix of What i gotta do- Media zone mix-8.48 min long.
It seems that was released only in Japan. Do you know anything about it?

Cappella as reviewed by rolka5

February 11, 2003
Cappella was always a commercial project (with commercial sound). Their music was very modern for that times (i mean 1994)and they had great and well deserved success. I like, no I LOVE their music very much