Atomizer (2)

South London synth duo Atomizer are Jonny Slut (Jonny Melton) and DJ Fil OK (Fil Jones).

Jonny Slut who in previous incarnations has been a teenage goth pin-up with legendary Batcave band Specimen, a future shock, hip hop, punk-sampling member of Diskord Datkord with his old sidekick Adamski, and a be-hooded Ancient of Mu Mu with the mighty money-burning The KLF.

DJ Fil OK is a bedroom producer, previously one half of techno outfit Tracy & Sharon with DJ Tom Stephan, and film soundtrack provider for the multimedia club events 'Let me feel your finger first'.

Atomizer's debut single 'Hooked on Radiation' was co-produced by KLF man Jimmy Cauty. The duo see themselves in a classic synth duo style and site their major influences as Suicide, Sparks & Soft Cell.

They also promote and DJ at Nag Nag Nag.
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