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Swamp Terrorists are a Swiss industrial group formed in the late '80s by scene veterans STR (programmer) and Ane H (vocals). The original lineup of Swamp Terrorists included the two plus guitarist Francis H. After the release of one EP (He Is Guilty), Francis left, leaving Ane H. and STR to record their debut album, Grim-Stroke-Disease, for Machinery/Noise in 1990; Grow-Speed Injection followed one year later. By the time third album Combat Shock was released in 1994 (on Re-Constriction), Swamp Terrorists had gained three new members for live shows: guitarist Spring, bassist Anrej A. and drummer Piet Hertig.

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Members:Andrej Abplanalp, Ane H., Base-T, Francis Halioua, M. Antener, ND (2), Pit Lee, Spring (5)
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