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2 Fabiola was founded in 1991 by Pat Krimson and Oliver Adams (when he wasn't busy with his many projects as a member of the M.N.O. production team). They were later joined by Zohra. They also involved a go-go dancer Fabio Ponenté until the single Magic Flight.

In the mid-nineties, they scored successful singles like "Play This Song" (#1 in Spain) and "Lift U Up" (#1 in Belgium).

Pat Krimson then focused on his other project Nunca while Zohra started a solo career as both singer and DJ and Oliver Adams .

In 1999, a new singer is found as Medusa (7) (which was also part of Fiocco at the time). But after two "not too successful" singles, the project was put on hold.

In the summer of 2007, Pat Krimson launched 2 Fabiola's return single: "Straight To The Top" with Australian singer Katie Michaelson.

As of 2008, 2 Fabiola released two new singles "We Love The 90's" and "Blow Me Away". They also started touring again but with a new team: Pat Krimson (Patrick Claessen) is now joined by Loredana (Loredana de Amicis) and Viola (Viola Furleo).

Biography continued...
The first production by Pat Krimson under the name of 2 Fabiola was "The Milky Way" (a tribute to the Belgian royal family). It was not until 6 years later that another record of 2 Fabiola (apart from Kunta Kinte, featuring Blackanova) was released, "Play This Song". This extremely catching dance track soon turns out to be a mega formula for their success on the Spanish and Italian music market. The results were 4 weeks number one and for about 6 months a ranking in the official Spanish top 10. Meanwhile, 2 Fabiola came to be a real band, gradually conquering the European continent with its extravagant looks and strong live-act.

The group involves Zohra (singer, bellydancer), who performs a nunchako dance on stage, integrated in a beautiful choreography elaborated by herself and the sexy go-go dancer Fabio (who stayed with the group until the single Magic Flight). She helped by Carine B who does the background vocals. Apart from this duo, Pat Krimson is on stage too as keyboard man. This trio puts on a stunning 40 minutes show, making the audience wildly crazy. Andrès Romero, a well-known Belgian producer/composer/remixer from Spanish origin (who also did some remixes for Twenty 4 Seven ), also took part to the creation of many hits.

2 Fabiola wants to be extravagant in different ways : the way they dress, they way they talk, the way they act.

The successor record Lift U Up became a huge success once again in Spain and Italy, and this time the Belgian charts didn’t let this second success formula go by unnoticed: 5 weeks number 1, both in the Ultratop 30 and the VTW Super 50. And on the top of that, Lift U Up won an award for best Belgian production. The Golden record resulting from these magnificent sales figures, was presented on Friday, June 21, 1996 at club RIO in St.-Katelijne Waver in Belgium. The band was absolutely thrilled with this recognition and said it hadn’t expected this kind of success.

In October 1996 the band launched its big Christmas offensive : a X-mas single (the ballad Universal Love), for the Belgian market only, and a debut double album were released. The Tyfoon album, including the hits I’m On Fire, Lift U up, Play This Song and many more, now already accounts for over 25,000 sold copies in Belgium, which means a Golden record again. And while the album was selling like hot cakes, Freak Out, the new single, was being bought on a massive scale too.

Before Flashback was released, the group decided to make a pause, during which Zohra released her first solo single I Hate 2 Love U. Fabio left the group to concentrate on giving dance lessons. Pat produced some songs like Taboo Bells, My Playground, and Paranoid In Moscow.

Afterward they released their single Sisters & Brothers, which was not a big success because they changed their music style to disco, followed by the single Feel The Vibe and the second album Androgyne. Their latest single called Summer In Space and it is featuring Medusa (who is actually Evy Goffin, currently the leadsinger of the Lasgo project).

In 1999 Pat Krimson started a new project with Nunca, renamed Nunca Brothers in 2001. This same year, the song Es Cubells was released under Pat Krimsons name.

In September 2000 Pat Krimson moved to Ibiza with his girlfriend Ann Vervoort (ex-singer of Milk Inc.), which marked the end of 2 Fabiola and Nunca. , Facebook , Wikipedia , ,
Members:Evi Goffin, Fabio Ponenté, Katie Michaelson, Loredana, Oliver Adams, Patrick Claesen, Viola Furleo-Semeraro, Zohra
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